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"........To train or develop by instruction, especially in self-control" Webster new Collegiate dictionary.

It is the philosophy of this Center to help children grow emotionally as well as intellectually, to help children succeed, feel good about themselves and be able to express their feelings in a positive and constructive manner.

It is our policy that discipline be positive. Discipline is not punishment. It is a way of helping children learn to identify socially acceptable behavior.

Within our Center, limits and rules are clearly defined, consistent and in accord with the appropriate development and age of each child and the program in general. We focus strongly on reinforcing acceptable behavior and preventing undesirable behavior by being responsive to the needs of the children.

Methods of correcting inappropriate behavior within the Center, consist of the following:

  1. Re-direction of activities to change the focus of a child's behavior.

  2. Individualizing attention to help the child deal with a particular situation.

  3. Time out, by removing a child for a few minutes from the area of activity so that he/she may regain self control.

  4. "Catch the child being good"; we respond to, and reinforce positive behavior; we acknowledge or praise to let the child know we approve of what he/she is doing.

Discipline shall not be isolation without supervision, the withholding of food or attention. No child shall be subjected to corporal punishment, emotional neglect, abusive language, ridicule or any behavior that shall intimidate, frighten or endanger a child, or his/her self image. 

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