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When dressing your children for school, keep in mind some of the activities that are scheduled for them at the Center on a regular basis. Think of messy art materials, of playground fun, of changeable weather, and provide clothing that is easily washable, and most of all comfortable for the children. It is also a good practice to provide clothing that makes toiletry easy for the children (Please dress your infant or toddler in such a way that diapers can be changed easily). Shoes selection is most important for the safety of the children. In outdoors and indoors playground the children will need shoes that are supportive and allow freedom of movement. Sneakers are ideal! We strongly suggest that children do not wear sandals, as they provide the least amount of support and stability. Please mark all removable clothing (coats, jackets, etc.) with the child's name on the label.

Every infant and toddler must have:

  1. A change of clothes (in labeled plastic bag);

  2. An adequate supply of diapers (daily or weekly);

  3. Baby food or table food (Toddlers lunch in clearly labeled lunch box - Infant formula in labeled plastic bottles);

  4. Toddlers will need a crib sheet or small blanket (Please take sheet or blanket home every Friday for laundry).


Toilet training for Toddlers will begin at or about 22 months of age, unless otherwise specified by parent(s) or guardian(s).

It is preferable for children to be introduced (two to three weeks) to toilet training by the parent(s) or guardian(s) at home, within more familiar and comfortable confines.

Prior to beginning toilet training at the Center, Parents will be informed of the Center's intentions by means of a conference, to discuss preferences of methods, if any.

Children will have to be fully Toilet Trained before being promoted to the Preschool classes.

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