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Children in the Infant One class are generally under one year old, and do not yet walk. No defined schedule is in place, as most children in this class have their own. Discussions with parents to determine their emotional and physical readiness, along with availability of quarters in the Infant Two class, will determine the actual graduation to the next class.

Almost all the children in the Infant Two class are between the ages of one year and eighteen months. The schedule in this class has somewhat of an outline, much more so than in the Infant One class. This class has two daily scheduled playtimes in the main playroom. at 9:30 am and 2:00 pm.

Children between the ages of 20 months and 30 months make their day-time home in the Toddler Room. This class has a defined schedule, which includes Circle Time, Play Time, Project Time, Lunch/Snack Time and Nap Time. Potty training begins in this class, primarily for the older children.

Children have to generally be 30 months old and potty trained to enroll in the Pre-K One program. The academic curriculum for this age group is certainly more advanced than that of the Toddlers, with special emphasis on the children's fine motor skills. As with the children of Pre-K Two, this age group also participates in field trip, and various excursions, such as the park, the fire house, etc.

To be in Pre-K Two is probably the most exciting time in the life of the Prodigy children. They are, after all, the most grown up, with the more advanced academic knowledge necessary for kindergarten. It's the age of "Graduation": certainly the most prestigious of all activities at Prodigy.
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