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Your baby's first year of life is an incredible time in which he/she will experience enormous physical and emotional growth. Each day will be  filled with discovery and crucial experiences, upon which to build a base that will help the baby in the future endeavors with school, life and relationships. It must be so difficult to be confident that someone else can provide your infant with the care and stimulation that you would give him or her. With no group schedule to follow in the Infant One room, the caregivers dedicate themselves to caring for each baby's individual needs: keeping them safe, clean, fed and entertained. Observing and helping them to develop gross motor skills (crawling, standing, walking), is a large and a fun part of their responsibilities. If is also fun to know that our staff's efforts go a long way in building a bond and a trusting relationship with your baby and with you. We strive for the environment in which babies can grow, learn and flourish best!

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