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The children of Preschool Two will achieve the highest academic level while at Prodigy Learning Center. This is the class in which preparations for kindergarten are made. A more rigid schedule is observed to get the children accustomed to life in the school system. That will be their next big step in the ladder of, hopefully, many successes, which culminates with "Graduation Day"



February 12th was MDA's Hop-A-Thon day at Prodigy. This is a traditional event at our Center. The Preschool children collect pledges (per Hop) from family and friends, with the proceeds going to the National Muscular Dystrophy Association. The children are taught the importance of charity activities. They fully understand the meaning of the Hop-A-Thon, and are very proud of their own efforts. Each year the children's pledges have been in the hundreds of dollars, with the year 1999 pledge reaching the amount of $1,800.00. Congratulations to all the Preschooler and their parents for helping in this effort.  

Valerie's Chicks

Miss Valerie, a "top employee" of Prodigy from quite a few years ago, still visits our Center from time to time. This time though, Miss Valerie brought some special guests along, to visit the children of Prodigy. Of course our children could not get enough of the little guys. They gently (for the most part) pet and held the baby chicks. Some suggested they would take one home for mom and dad. Miss Valerie did not think that was a good idea, though. We want to reassure the parents that after playing with the cute birds, all children lined up by the sink and, one by one, thoroughly washed their hands, with the teachers' supervision.


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