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Head Teacher


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 Ms Aisha

Aisha Williams: Director's

Born in Brooklyn, NY.
Resident of Bayonne.


Aisha Williams began her tenure at the Center in 2000, as the assistant Caregiver in the Infant One Program. Her friendly and gentle ways have made her a favorite of the children. Her attitude and attention to details have made her the parents' favorite as well. When the opportunity arose, Aisha did not hesitate to commit herself to the position of Head Caregiver in that Program. In September or 2003 she took maternity leave until she returned in December, bringing along her brand new bundle of joy. Congratulations Miss Aisha on your beautiful little girl. In 2005 Miss Aisha was given the opportunity to increase her responsibilities at the Center, by taking on new challenges as the head teacher in the Toddlers Room. Since Aisha began her tenure with the Toddlers, there has been a remarkable revival with that program.


The Front Desk is the center of all administrative procedures. All the paper records are kept here by Aisha. All licensing requirements (DYFS, Fire Department, Health Department), plus some procedural announcements are posted on the wall behind the desk, visible on this picture.

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